At Hawaiian Hurricane Group we do things differently. Our sole focus is on providing hurricane protection to the people of Hawaii, a protection that we custom built from the ground up to provide enhanced coverage and superior pricing for Hawaii homeowners. 

Hawaiian Hurricane Group (HHG) was established in July of 2013 in order to design,  implement, and administratively manage a more affordable and coverage applicable hurricane product built around the unique meteorological, topographical, and housing characteristics of the Hawaiian Islands. 

HHG’s management team is made up of experienced insurance executives that have worked not only in the general insurance marketplace for 25+ years, but specifically have worked within the hurricane insurance environment of Hawaii.  Experience and exhaustive research came together to produce hurricane coverage in Hawaii that provides our customers enhanced coverage and superior pricing. 

HHG works exclusively with local Independent Insurance Agents as we believe strongly that the role these agents play in assuring their customers have appropriate coverage at a fair price is the best way to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.
Hawaiian Hurricane Group is dedicated to creating value for all our stakeholders, including residential property owners, the State of Hawaii, Local Independent Agents, and our employees, by continuing to design and administer insurance products that respond to the needs and unique environment of the Hawaiian Islands while providing a superior level of security for Hawaii's homeowners and their families.

While not common, hurricanes do happen in Hawaii, and can be devastating when they do. Hawaiian Hurricane Group is proud to offer a unique insurance product that will help the people of Hawaii obtain hurricane insurance coverage that is more affordable and more applicable for Hawaii and its homes. 



Global Warming and Hurricanes in the Hawaiian Islands - by UH-Manoa